Payroll ESU 4659620


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Warning: We just installed Payroll ESU 4659620 and started getting a
gross to net error. I copied the old objects back and the problem went
away. I have reported to JDE, but the help line does not have this ESU
loaded so they can't test it, seems this ESU is brand new.

Lori Waybright
Inland Empire Paper Co.
Doug [email protected]
12/04/2000 03:14 PM

I had just applied this ESU Friday before getting Lori's warning. Getting the
same results here (gross to net errors) so I'm backing off the objects now.
I'll call JDE and let them know we're experiencing the same problem.

Thanks for the warning, Lori!

Doug Ployhar
Pentair, Inc.


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After I backed off the ESU - JDE recommended I do a full package build
and deploy it. If this is true, they need to put it in the special
instructions! I did not have time to do that as we are in the middle of
final testing of CRP. Did you do a full package build?

Lori Waybright
Inland Empire Paper Co

Doug [email protected]
12/05/2000 08:58 AM

Hi Lori,

No, I just sent out an update package as well. We're applying ESUs about 1-2
per week and to build fulls for each would be chaos.

I just spoke with the same Response Line guy who took your call. He said the
e-mail he received from development suggested that with only an update package,
the caches could be out of synch. with the new objects. Doesn't make much sense
to me, but may be worth a try. To test this, I think I'll re-apply the ESU then
build a full package over one path-code this weekend. If you try this before we
do, please let me know the results.


Doug Ployhar
Pentair, Inc.