Payment without Voucher match


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Was researching this same thing, and found that the pay status always defaults to 'A' for PM type vouchers. Its because of the F0411 Edit Line (B0400047). Here's the actual code:

1. If the Document Type is 'PM', assign the pay status to 'A'.
2. If the Document Type is blank and the Batch type is 'W', assign
the document type to 'PM and the pay status to 'A'.
3. If the Document Type is other than blank and other than 'PM' and Batch
type is 'W', throw hard error 0809 - Invalid Document Type

if (jdeStrcmp((JCHAR *)(lpDSF04UI001->szDefVoucherType),
(JCHAR *)(_J("PM"))) == 0 && (lpDS->cLineAction == _J('A')) &&
(lpDS->cArApMiscCode1!= _J('1')))
lpDS->cPaystatuscode = _J('A');


This is invoked on the P0411 Row Exit and Change Asynch, but also must be used on the interop process (R0411Z1, R04110ZA), because I was getting the same result there (PST always "A"), no matter if I you try to override on the PST.F0411Z1, or set correctly the PO on the P0400047 master business function.

Hope this helps.