Payment batch type (K and M) unable to post


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Morning list,

I am not a finance expert so i hope someone can help me out with the following issue.

We have some voided payments which have not yet been posted. The related voucher has been deleted. When i now try to post the batch (type K or M) i receive an duplicate entry error.

We've tried several things to solve this issue including (temporarily) changing the general constants in order to allow as many flexibility as possible. All without postive result though.

Does anyone know an easy way to correct this issue?


Alex Blasenheim

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I have come across this before with a client. You need to recreate the related vouchers using the exact same system assigned document numbers and document types (Probably "PV") the voided payments are pointing to. When recreating them just key in the bare minimum as they are going to be deleted in the next steps. Do NOT post these vouchers. You then should be able to post the voided payments. Once posted, go back and delete the "recreated" vouchers.

To prevent this from happening in the future, set your "Create Payment Group" data selection to "Posted" vouchers only.