Paying Invoices using Corporate Credit Card - How to clear the expenses?


I have a client seeking who wants to to pay invoices using a Corporate Credit Card.

Here’s the high level of their strategy:

1. Create a “dummy bank/suspense account” called CREDIT CARD bank
2. Flag vendors to be paid from that bank
3. Run a separate check run for invoices to be paid by CREDIT CARD BANK

I’ve got two questions for you:

1. Is this the best practice for making invoice level payments using a corporate card?
2. Can you provide guidance on how to print full remittance on an authorization form for the “Credit Card Bank check run”?

Appreciate any insights.


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Please see 1 and 2 below:

1) Unfortunately, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne does not have direct functionality for Credit Card Payments in the Accounts Payable module, however, the following (one of numerous) workarounds can be used:

Set up an alternate payee where the alternate payee is the credit card company.
Use the P0030A (Bank Account Cross Reference) to store the credit card information for the specific vendor. Input the credit card number in the bank account number field. The description field could hold the detailed information so the vendor could apply the payment. Payments are written to the F04572OW table. Our EFT payments are in CTX format (or PPD format starting at release 8.9 and above). Oracle Software Support would not be able to support this setup, as you may need to customize the text file to meet your bank's requirements.

2) Symptoms--Request AP payments made by Corporate Credit Card.
Cause-- This functionality is not currently available and is reported in Enhancement Bug 17064201: Setup of Credit Card Payments To Suppliers

Bug 17064201 has been requested for a future release. If you are a member of Quest User group please refer to Enhancement Requests via Quest User Groups Document 1192883.1 for escalating enhancement requests.