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I've got a grid that I've designated to have "No Adds on Update Grid". However if you paste (ctrl+V) into a column on the bottom row of the grid, then a new row appears. Then if you click OK the validation either fails, or a blank record is posted to the database.

Is this a feature of grids? Or is there a workaround/fix?

... Alan =8^)

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Re: RE: Pasting into Grids

Hi Alan, Tom and Forum/List,

This strange behaviours of the grid sounds me enough weird.
Do you know, is it a known problem in Denver?

On wich release(s) and SP level(s) have you noticed it?


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RE: RE: Pasting into Grids

we are on B733, SP11.3. We find users can paste into protected grid fields
- this doesn't happen enough for us to worry about though...

tom brown
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Re: RE: Pasting into Grids

Again, thanks Zoltan...

The JDE Helpdesk rang me this morning to tell me that it's a known bug in pre-Xe, pre-SP16. It's fixed in SP16, provided you have Xe installed. So B733.1 or 2 with SP16 will still have the bug.

... Alan =8^)