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Could anyone please advise if JDE/BI Publisher generated output be password encrypted. We have requirement for certain outputs like pay stubs, EFT remittances which the client want to password protect. Please let me know if this is something can be handled within the JDE or BI publisher. If there is any white paper or any document for reference I really appreciate your response.

You can encrypt the PDF generated by BI. Please look at propertied of Xdo configuration file for more details.
Dear Sheen,

Please find the attached document. I hope that will be helpful for your requirement.



  • BI Publisher PDF output with dynamic Password Protected.doc
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Thanks Sounderrajan. This will be of great help. Is this feature available from a specific version of BI or JDE Toolset? We are on JDE 9.1.5.
Hi Sounderrajan,

I've one more question for you, can we customize the password for individual user? For example if its a paystub each individual user will have a unique password. Is that possible with this configuration file change?
Please advise.

Hello Sheen,

It will work in the tool release which you have mentioned above.

Yes we can dynamically set the password. I hope that I had mention in that document. Please refer the value field in the document.

Value: hard coded text or {/XML Path/XML Element}

Here, either we can hard code value or we can use XML path.

Dear All,

Can someone please let me know, if Print Immediate flag is enabled and pdf is password protected then how it will behave? We are looking to protect automatic check printing output with password and need to print physical copy.

I really appreciate your response.

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