E9.2 Passing Array List to the Orchestrator


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I m having similar issue with JDE orchestrator. I have an orchestrator calling another local orchestration. First orchestration reads a rest service and spits out another json output which will then be fed to the second orchestration. The expectation is that second orchestration will iterate over the Array list and send out emails as many times. But, this is not working. However, it works when I directly call second orchestrator from studio client and send hard coded json input but not when it is called within another orchestration. Please refer to the attachment for some screen shots. I m not where my understanding is going wrong here. I would really appreciate any information.

We are on E9.2, TR, AIS, Orchestrator Studio 6.1.4, Oracle 12c, Windows server 2012


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Dave Azouth

The output in each orchestrator steps is raw. So you could create a logging debug for that AIS server in Server Manager. In the log look for the real structure of the first step output.