E9.2 Pass a JSON string through a Connector

Felipe Vidal

Active Member

I want to use a Connector in which I call an external web service & I use a JSON file to send.

I would be generating a different JSON every time, so the Orchestrator would receive such a file as a text or CLOB. I.e. a variable.

I know the Orchestrator Studio has the sections: Pathing (the web path to which I'll perform the POST operation), Parameters, Headers & Body.

How can I enter a JSON that I would be generating differently every time into the Body. I.e. I generate the JSON using DB Oracle, which will return to me a CLOB (text) that ideally I would pass to the jdeConnector, which in turn will call the service using such string?

Is this possible? What would I need to do to achieve this, provided I have a given JSON file & my link?

Hi Felipe,

Add a single variable in the body of the connector, and assign it to the JSON variable you have.

I hope this helps.

- Gustavo Barizon

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