Part missing when attaching the parts list (R31410)


Hi all,

I'm stucked facing a "coming from nowhere" issue.

From time to time, the parts list of a work order does not contain all the parts; one is missing.
Same type but different part number.
However I can see it in the defined BOM and the routing looks perfect.

Flow of event:
Manual work order creation (status 10)
Attach Parts list&routing R31410 (status 20) --> job successful.

Check parts list --> one part is missing....

Any idea/good reason why the system behave like that?

Till now I only been able to reproduce the issue once. (But not traced or logged)

Thanks in advance for your precious help.



If your issue is like a wrong item being added to parts list which is not defined in BOM,then you should check whether you have any "item substitutes" defined for the missing part.


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Just check effecive from date in F3002 Bill of material table for that item. If wrok order order-date is less than effective from date then that line will not reflect in partlist.

Thanks and regards,
Antara Patil