Parent/Child Control Updates FC?


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Is it standard functionality that a Parent/Child "Tree/Grid" control should update a non-filtering Form Control on the Header?

For example:
- Form Header contains FC Item (Filter) and FC Serial (not filter).
* Find Button Logic, uses FC Serial to pull additional details
- When the + is pushed, and the Child row is expanded, the FC Serial value is "Magically" populated with the GC Serial Value from the last exploded child

- On a Fat Client - the FC Serial Value is never updated from the Grid.
- There is no internal logic that updates the FC Serial.
- The FC Item (a filter) does not get updated.
- Maybe, it isn't recommended to Drive from Boise to Houston and go to work the next day....

The original issue was on a copied version of P3002, where the client changed the Find Button ER to fetch data from a custom BSVW. I submitted a call to Oracle and they were willing to try to replicate, but there was so much peripheral custom calls in the application - I rescinded my plea for help.

Issue: Whenever the Parent Child form is expanded, the BSVW-Connected FC Parent Serial (FSER) value is being updated with the GC Parent Serial value from the furthest expanded grid row.

Workaround: Hide the BSVW-Connected Parent Serial Number (FSER). Add new, Non-BSVW-Connected FSER. In the Find Button's ER, populate the BSVW-Connected FSER with the Non-Connected FSER value.

Cryptic, but now we have a reference to the workaround.