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Parameterized URL is not loading form/grid data P43025

I have created multiple Parameterized URL's in the past, all associated to the P42101, and the form/grid data is always displayed when the URL is invoked.

I am adding a Parameterized URL to assist users with PO status update for acknowledgements, P43205, I have the PO number populating correctly but for the form/grid data to be displayed I need to manually hit the "Find" button.

I am not understanding why the difference between the P42101 and P43025

here is sample of URL that is displaying the PO number but NOT the form/grid data
Http: //OURWEBSERVER/jde/ShortcutLauncher?OID=P43025_W43025A_ZJDEB0004&FormDSTmpl=|1|2|3|4|5|&FormDSData=|123732|||||

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Ronnie K


Legendary Poster
Your Parameterized shortcut is probably working fine. The behavior to automatically press Find when values are passed in to a Form must be programmed. P43025 must not have that behavior coded.
Thanks Larry, after your post I went to dig a little deeper, I was expecting to see settings in the Form Design Aid, I reviewed the properties from the FDA for both the W42101C and the W43025A and was able to find selection boxes for "Automatically Find on Entry" and another called "Auto Find on Changes" but they were unchecked for BOTH versions so programming must be applied elsewhere allowing the P42101 to auto find and the P43025 not to auto find.

Regardless it looks as though it is not a simple fix and I am not inclined to submit a modification request for a single click.