Parameterized URL does not trigger Post Commit


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  1. I load a Headerless Detail form "Ship Confirm" for a railcar inspected and loaded in SharePoint, based on a parameterized URL.
  2. The form populates the parameters into the grid columns correctly.
  3. I press a button that initiates the transaction correctly.
  4. A second (quantity shipped validation) form "Post Confirm" opens correctly.
  5. I fill in the quantity column, ensuring the same value is entered twice.
  6. I press a button that closes the second form, returning to the original form, and that should complete the transaction.
  7. However, the main form 'Post Commit' event does not get triggered; in consequence the transaction fails.
The problem is the business functions B4101810 ProcessF41021WFRecords & B4200793 ConfirmedShipmentsCacheTerminate
should execute only in Post Commit, when SV TP Commit Status = CO TP_COMMIT_FAIL

Anybody can help?


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Hi Larry,
Yes it does work correctly. My problem is actually to validate the grid columns populated by the FI passed through; in other words I would like to 'emulate' the Grid is Changed & Exited, without the user clicking into the grid. Is this possible?
PS Nice of you to reply :)
Thank you,


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The only thing I could think of is there must be a hidden FC filed that gets populated by one of your |||||| fields that controls the logic.

If the screen gets called by something else, debug it and hit the first event and check the state of all your FI fields

One of them must be controlling this behaviour


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Hi all,

1. This code comes from P4205 (as we cloned W4205K), and it looks like it never gets executed, in other words we never get to need to auto-rollback of F41021, see below.
2. I was able to 'force' a Row Exit & Changed Async using an old trick: added and deleted a grid row.

ER W4205K.FORM - Post Commit <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
0010 // Autor: Randy Mendyk
0011 // Date: 06/23/03
0012 // SAR Number: 6612745
0013 // Notes:
0014 // This event will handle all the processing which needs to happen after the
0015 // transaction boundary (TP) is complete. The only logic that is in this
0016 // event at this time is the auto-rollback of the F41021.
0017 // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
0018 // SAR LOG
0019 // ===========================================================================
0020 // SAR 6612745 - Auto Rollback of F41021 Enhancement
0021 If SV TP Commit Status = CO TP_COMMIT_FAIL
0022 If DS cTRAN_SyncrhonousEndDoc [W4205K,EV01] != '1'
0023 | Process F41021WF Records [ProcessF41021WFRecords,B4101810,D4101810,CINV]
| DS szComputerID [D4101810,CTID] <- frm_ComputerID [CTID]
| DS mnJobnumberA [D4101810,JOBS] <- frm_Job_Number [JOB#]
| DS mnUniqueKeyIDInternal [D4101810,UKID] <- frm_mnUniqueKeyIDF41021WF_UKID [UKID]
0024 EndIf
0025 EndIf