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Parameterized URL API?



I am trying to create a parameterized url in a UBE to send via email. I have the structure of the URL which is fine but how can I get the webserver and port without hardcoding it? Is this possible?



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Usually there's more than one of each. Assuming you could retrieve the list of Web Servers and port combinations which one would you use?

We do this in a number of apps/ubes - generate emails with embedded parameterized URLs.
But in our case we have Everest Software's SSO Solution (which also handles load balancing). So all we reference in the URL is the front-end load balancer and the Everest software automatically parses and passes on the parameterized portion to whichever webserver it thinks deserves another session.
Prior to using Everest we soft-coded it to one specific Web Server/Port combination.