Pallet/Cradle Management in JDE


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Hi, does anyone have a way of inventorying "cradles?" These are unique product carrying bins for our sector of business, but they can be thought of as a VERY expensive pallet. We are currently trying to figure out a way to manage them (where is it now? how did it get there? what is on it? etc.). The ideas to date are treating them as a bin location that is moved (created, filled, then old one deleted) on command by a dcLINK script, or possibly just a part of every BOM... however, there is an issue when it comes to knowing when to assign a cradle and when not to. The general rule is that each cradle can have many sales orders/work orders on it, so making it a part of a BOM/parts list is not the right solution.

Any ideas from the community?
Would this be a good place to use the 'License Plate' functionality?
Yes, license plating would be good, but this would force our warehouse into more JDE transactions - we do not have a technology like dcLINK today that would license plate things automatically today and the extra burden to have someone manually attribute a license plate to material would make someone have a new full time job, it will probably not be the solution until we have a technology that allows for the automation of that transaction load. I have to guess that there is a way today that folks are able to move things like this through the system.