Page margin

I'm trying to design a UBE to print on customized label form. While I'm =
able to print the label but I do not want to have any page margin to =
appear in the PDF printout. I had try setting the JDE.ini file the =
following value

but still it the same.

Any assistance please.Is there anyway to take out the page margin ?

Steven Lais
AS 400 V4R4MO, OW B7332 SP9, Win NT4.0
Something you might want to try is changing your settings in Adobe to not
have any page margins, then create your report. JDE creates the PDF file
and then generates the output from that file by converting it to go to which
ever type of printer you have defined. Don't know if it will make much
difference, but thought it might be worth a try.
Cheers, Brian



1.-You have to create a new form in Control Panel - Printers
2.-In JDE, Menu GH9013 (Printers) create a type of Paper with the same characteristics that you need.
3.-Inside RDA tool, you have to select the type of Paper that you add in Printers in Menu Report-Printer Setup.

I hope this help you,
Sorry for my English.