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Package Deployment


We are a 24/7 shop. It is next to impossible to get everyone off the Citrix Terminal Servers to load packages. The question is does anyone else have this problem and does anyone have a resolution to this client server issue


yup same issue, we automate the install but still have to arrange 20min slot with the business:
(apologies if your doing this already details below)
-deploying on citrix can be automated using strings that can be added to B7x\One World Client Install\setup.exe


\b7333\OneWorld Client Install\Setup.exe" -S -P [full_package_name] -t Typical -D e:\b7

-S =silent
-P = packagename
-t = Type
-D = install directory

In a citrix server you have to be absolutley sure no user are on the machine - ideally you should reboot and disable logins when the machine come up again

Before you execute the script you have to put the server into install mode (change user /install) and back into execute mode (change user /execute)

-You have to arrange the above slot with the business as the automation/reboot carries the risk that you may chop someone off mid transaction ( consequences of this can v.bad)

The automatic process, depending on machine can take under 10mins depending on network speed and machine spec but is good for the 8 servers we have.

-you must use fail safes to make sure that the citrix server is disbaled of the deployment fails.

Push and update install's are possible citrix but are not suitable for multiuser environent :. not recommended.

I also would be interested of other folks have been able seemlessly install in a 24/7 environment.
We have a couple of commercial software solutions to help with this:

- TSE Commander - helps to automate deployment of normal JDE packages. With some cheating, the package deployments will require just a few seconds of downtime and can be scheduled to run unattended in a rolling schedule, taking down one TSE server at a time.

- HotDeploy - allows deploying most software updates transparently and at any time, while the users are still in the system and actively using JDE. Absolutely non-disruptive.

I hope, this helps...
We are a 24/7 shop also. We run an automation to update our Citrix servers and it works WONDERFUL! We stagger the downtime on the servers and run this when we have the least amount of users on.