Package Deployment Problem


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<font style=3D"font-family:'Arial';font-size:10pt;">Dear List,

We encountered something "strange" after we deployed a full =
production package (PD7333) this morning. We applied SP 15 about 3 weeks ago =
and we have no problems building packages (Full and Update). We can also deploy =
the update packages. However deploying a full production package is another =
story. We found out that it deleted the other pathcodes. The production =
environment is good but we can longer access the other environments. Has anyone =
seen this before?

Thanks in advance for your help,

OneWorld Xe, SP15, Win2000, SQL 7.0</font></body>


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Re: RE: Package Deployment Problem

There's something on KG about this. Rename the pathcode (ex. PD7333) to another name and then install OW. Change back the name after.

Tet :

That's what Frenchmen call 'deja-vu". The same happened with B7331 SP 7!
That bug isn't happening to me on Xe SP 15.1

Sebastian Sajaroff

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Xe SP 15.1 AS/400 V4R3 coexistant
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This is a known issue for doing a full pkg build after an SP install, and
will be fixed in SP16 - how many times have you heard that before?

There is a workaround though... Search the KG for 4922475, and check the
Knowledge document it returns. You'll also find it in Knowledge
Browser\OneWorld\Tech\Pkg Build\Client Package.