Package Deployment During Production Hours

Does anyone know if deploying a CRP server update packages to an AS/400
enterprise server during production hours causes problems for PRD users? I
understand OW puts some of the kernels 'on hold' during the deployment and
can cause users sessions to 'hang' until the deployment is finished. Have
you found this to be the case?

B733 SP14.1, ES=AS/400 V4R4, Deployment=NT40 SP6a, Citrix Clients

Tony Fischer


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I have found that to be the case with Xe. I have not found a way to schedule the package deployment.

C Ho
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I am not concerned about the UBEs much. My concern is the interactive
applications such as Order Entry. I dont want CS reps on the phone with a
customer and have their systems freeze during the deployment.

Tony Fischer



We have a similar problem. If we deploy a package to our Enterprise Server
during production hours (especially some full packages that have been
"accidentally" deployed during the day), our users (using Interactive Apps)
receive the message " Communication with MONET failed, Cleaning up environment".
(MONET is our Enterprise Server).

Sometimes, it takes a few minutes for this message to appear, making the users
think that there screen has frozen. Frustrating for our users, and our support
staff since we have now decided that package deployments will be done

To be honest, we haven't actually noted whether the UBE's are held up, because
too many users are screaming out that their screen is frozen....

We have not taken the issue to JDE yet, but are planning to do so...


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tony_fischer <> on 15/06/2001 03:00:32 AM

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I have experience of deploying packages to both PY and PD environments.

If you are only deploying to PY (CRP) then it should pose no problem to your
production environment.

In the past we have even deployed packages to PD with no ill effect, however
since we went to Xe we also implemented Citrix for all our Clients. This
does cause a problem. when a PD (production) package is deployed (even for a
single UBE version), we get user sessions locking out - only solution to
close JDE and start a new session.

We suspect the cause is the W environments which run business functions on
the Enterprise Server.

As a result, when SPEC files are updated by the package deployment, business
functions are losing their pointers!

We have reported this to JDE, but do not expect an instant answer.

So beware.

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YES, it does cause problems. It causes problems for all pathcodes that
share the same kernel (the same subsystem) as the one you are attempting to
deploy to.

JD Nowell
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