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Package build errors after ESU's


Package build errors after ESU\'s

B7332 sp10.1, SQL 7.0/NT 4.0 sp5

We recently applied several ESU's (The november prerequisite ESU's). Things worked great in CRP, spec merge went good, package build works, deployed and tested, yadda yadda yadda.

Went to apply the ESU's to PROD. Ran spec merge, no errors. Woohoo! However, when we built the package, we got all sorts of errors in the BUSBUILD. JDE Support thought it might be the OL merge didn't go, so we reran the merge and built a new package. Same errors. In the builderror.txt file, we get multiple errors when compiling files. (Logs available for anyone interested!) When we check the actual .c and .h files, there are quite a few that apparently did not get updated or are different between the two environments. Specifically, the file N4302120.c is not in the PROD pathcode, and we get ALOT of errors indicating problems with b4200310.h. Thanks everyone, and hope your holiday season is full of happiness and joy!

- Scott

B7332 sp10.1 SQL7.0 NT 4.0 sp5


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RE: Package build errors after ESU\'s

Go to Windows Explorer and copy the .h and .c files from your CRP
(Good) environment and paste them into your PROD....then try the
BUSBUILD again. This should overwrite any corruption going on there.

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