E9.2 P98220W (Web OMW) and BPA activity



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Hi folks

We are upgrading to 9.2 (9.2.6) and we are reviewing licences etc. So reviewing the number of FAT clients we may need in 9.2

Am I right in thinking that since the launch of 9.2.5 and P98220W, business process analysts no longer need access to a FAT client to create OMW projects and also UBERVERS APPLVERs etc?

"Starting with Tools Release 9.2.5 the web version of OMW (P98220W) can support the management of development objects: applications, UBEs, business functions and all other development objects. It is possible to transfer objects through a browser-based application within the EnterpriseOne web user interface.

  • Ability to promote non UDO objects
  • Ability to delete on transfer for non UDO objects
  • Ability to promote non UDO objects that inherit tokens"

So I take from this that no, BPAs now no longer need a FAT client to do work. As a developer I would yes, but not a BPA


Correct if they're just editing, or adding UBEVER with bv e.g. they can simply create an OMW project afterwards in P98220W and announce it for transfer/set it to 28 or however your company deals with that :)