P95620 - multiple templates question


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P95620 lets you use/define multiple templates (TP1 and TP2 ) on its grid line.

1. If a Report and Version has P95620 showing 2 templates on its grid - How does the BV report version that is run know which template to use (TP1 or TP2)
2. If a Report has no versions on P95620 but has 2 templates showing on its grid -- how do you pick the template (TP1 or TP2) you want to run when running report via P95620

So far I have always assigned only one template to a report and version using P95620 which works really well but I am now exploring P95620 functionality a little more.

I have a requirement to print 10 different Notice Letter Formats based on the State and was wondering if there is an easy way to get this done rather than defining 10 different RD names , assigning it to each report version with different templates and setting the corresponding RD name on the version level RD set up (as always)
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