P95620 - 'From' Email address change for BI Pub. What additional config is required?



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Hi All,
I am re-posting this in the technical thread in the hope someone here has any experience with this...

Hi ‘technical’ people
In the BI Publishing Burst definition (P95620) is a field to override the ‘from’ email address.
For this to work obviously the address needs to be valid and have the appropriate permissions. This however is where my knowledge is lacking. I now understand that from a JDE perspective changes need to be made in the JDE.ini of the server that processes the UBE as well as the enterprise manager. An external organisation made those changes and the email subsequently sent did indeed have the new address as indicated in the burst setup as the ‘From’ address. At least it did whilst testing with my internal email address…..

Once I tried to send emails externally, no more emails were sent and even other BI Publishing documents (still set up to send from the default address) were no longer emailed!
We have since reversed all setup.

However I would still like to use this functionality. Does anybody have an insight why this failed and/or have a clear set of instructions as to what is required?
TIA, Sef

not sure I followed all of that ...
A couple questions:
1. Is this a new document Type being sent out?
2. Was the number of emails sent out with this change much higher than before?
3. Was the new default From Email in the same domain as your old default address?
4. Where does your SMTP relay sit? Inside your organization or external (such as Office 365)?

Don't know why it failed for you. Unfortunately this is a very clumsy mechanism (hard coded From address) so I have had to setup multiple versions and RDs - one for each Sales Rep :( - but it does work.
If your SMTP relay is internal check it's settings-particularly if the new From Email is a different domain.
If it's external you may run into other problems. When we went to Office 365 it started "losing" our JDE originated emails that went external to our domain. We believe it thought they were spam mails. We fixed the situation by setting up a simple smtp mail server inside our file server.
Not sure if it helps but my experience with From Address is that you key in whatever you want in the email format. It need not be a valid email address.
Important field is To Address which should be valid and your Email rules must allow emails outside your company domain. Track the delivery flag for job and see what error flag it shows.
We use a combination of valid (individual and group emails) and invalid FROM email addresses and it processes just fine.
The valid ones allow users to reply to the emails (such as when we email customer statements) and the invalid ones are for stuff like reports or emailing a user an invoice.

As Abhishek pointed out some of the problems I encountered is with the JDE server where the jobs are processing. External emailing require them to be white-listed which means allowing external email sending.
Similar to Larry, we recently had a division switch to use Windows 365 (or something like that) for their email. They stopped getting emails all-of-a-sudden (with no errors) because the emails were going outside of network and the server was not white-listed. Kinda wish they would have told someone about changing their setup, but such is life.

PS - I'm not a teckie so I may have the meaning of white-listed reversed :)