P4915 Processing Options


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We have a 2 versions of P4915 set up. The first is for approving shipments that are at status 10, the second is for confirming shipments that are at status 25.

In the first version, if they try to approve a shipment that is already at status 25, it returns an error - as is should.

In the second version, if they select approve shipment instead of confirm shipment, it will approve the shipment a second time advancing the shipment from status 25 to 30. We want it to return the error as it does for the first version. I've looked through the processing options and don't see where it can prevent them from using this version to approve shipments.

Can someone point me to the correct processing option?

Thank you,


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Hi Kelly,

It can be tricky to lock down all the different P4915 versions - often inquiry versions will have these kind of issues too....

What are the values that you have in the Approval tab for both of these versions...

1. Bypass Update of Sales Order Next Status
2. Override Sales Order Next Status
3. Warehouse Request Processing Mode
4. Override Approved Shipment Status
5. Valid RMA Requirement
6. Update of Purchase Order Next Status
7. Override Purchase Order Next Status

I suspect that you have a value of 30 in (4) in version 2 (as there shouldn't been any hard coded logic that would advance the Shipment from 25 to 30 when you approve it) If blank, check your transportation constants are correctly set.
Note: Another way to stop the approval process is to set the Next Status PO (2) to a value which will be invalid as a next status for your activity rules for your orders (which may be saving version 1).
Hope this helps.


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Thanks Craig. We do have PO 4 set to 30. I'm not clear on your suggestion to set PO 2 to an invalid next status. Won't that cause an issue when we're using the transaction legitimately?



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Hi Kelly,

The processing options in the Approval tab are only used when approving. I thought your issue was that it was letting users approve in the Ship Confirm version? (Note: The 30 in PO 4 should be removed OR put an invalid next status in PO 2 and it will stop approval in this Ship Confirm version)



Hello everybody,

I want to ask a questions about transportation module.

I have one sales order that has shipment number in p4210 also I see that in p4915.
Shipment status is 10. I would like to proceed only one step with confirm shipment then I want to see that shipment status are turned to 70 automatickly after confirm shipment. For this requirement, I have changed the processing option 7 as 70 in P49645 app. But shipment status was not been changed from 10, it is still 10.

May be requirement any setup but I didnt find?

If you help to me about that I will be vey happy :)