P4312 and P43291 hangs, F43121 is locked in-between (client is in



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Hi Forum/List,

Let me forward an issue of us.
Maybe, somebody had such kind of problem and could resolve it in the past.

Any tip, hint, suggestion, resolution will be very appreciated.

Release: B733.2 (upgraded, with the pre-req ESU)
OpSys: NT4.0 (Servers and Workstations)
HWs: Intel (Servers and Workstations)
System Code: 43 / Procurement, Technical !
Program: P4312 - PO Receipt

Description of the Problem:
We have recently upgraded from B732.1 to B733.2 and have serious problems
when using P4312 (PO receipt).
Program hangs for couple of minutes after clicking OK on P4312 (PO receipt)
then on P43291 (Landed Cost Screen) and F43121 is locked in-between.
The client is in live, so this issue has high importance for us.
1. Let us have a stock item with inventory cost level of 3
(item - branch- location - lot)
2. Enter a PO with quantity of 10. Enter unit price. Print the
PO using P43500.
3. P4312: receipt the item: select the PO line, chose multiple
location, enter 10 lot number and one location for all the lots. (location
control is off). Click OK on Multiple Location.
4. Click OK on P4312 for the warning messages, Click OK again.
5. Notice that the screen hangs. F43121 - Table is locked (you
can see it form SQL Enterprise Manager) - no one can reach this table.
6. When other try to make an other receipt during this test,
F43121 will be updated, the other tables (F0911, F4301, F4311, F43199,
F43121, F4105, F4111, F4108 not)
One test lasts about 25-30 minutes at client site.

If it could help, I can send to you personally a zipped debug.log file with
inserted comment lines on user actions.
(As you know, sending attachments on the List/Forum is not possible.)

Thanks in advance,
Hi Zoltan,
I was wondering if you had come up with a solution for the issue you described where the F43121 is locked when going between P4312 (PO Receipt) and P43291 (Landed Cost). We have an issue where some PO Receipts are hitting the Item Ledger and the G/L, but are not updating the PO itself nor creating a receipt record in F43121. I thought this may be related to the F43121 being locked. This does not happen often but it's an important issue for us because it makes it look like there are open receipts when in fact the items have already been received. Any light you could shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Sorahan
Edwards Lifesciences
B7332 SP11.1, ESU 4116422, AS400 V4R3
Hi Dan,
Here is our short story in this issue.

1.) We revised and corrected our LOCK MANAGER settings on the workstations and on the server in jde.ini. It had helped a bit but hadn't resolved our main problem.

2.) I went to Knowledge Garden searching on the SARs. I have found SAR# 4265903 which was similar to our problem. This SAR is corrected in ESU# 4605023 but we didn't want to wait for installing this ESU, so I sent a request to the Response Line for a Hot Fix.

3.) RL sent me a Paper Fix (SAR# 4281989). It refers to release B7331. I investigated the affected object under our B7332 and I found that this Fix is applicable on our release too.

4.) I applied this Fix and the our consulatants tested. This Fix resolved our problem, so brought it in live.

5.) We just installed the mentioned ESU# 4605023 and was about on to retrofit our custom mods.

My suggestion for you: install the mentioned ESU or apply the mentioned Paper Fix as emergency correction.

Hope, could help.

P.S.: Let us know when it could resolved your issue too. Thanks.

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)
Hi Zoltan,
Thanks for your response, I appreciate your efforts in getting information to the list. In regards to the issue we were having with PO receipts we found a SAR, 4795695, which resolves an issue with JDE attempting to accomplish multiple receipts within the same second. We applied the ESU, JD6719, here and found that it resolved both on-line receipt and batch receiving issues we had been experiencing. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of this SAR as it looks like it has a companion SAR for XE.

Dan Sorahan
Edwards Lifesciences
B7332 SP11.1, ESU 4116422, AS400 V4R3