P4310 W4310I VR01 Data Dictionary Text



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Hi all,

I have a weird one in that in PS900 P4310 W4310I VR01 Data Dictionary Grid Control Text says Supplier PO
In DV900 PD900 etc it says Reference

There is no code change between the 2 ENVs plus there are no Vocab Overrides. Sniffing about and turning over stones I have come across F9202.
In there there are 5 records for VR01. All different by virtue of the SY (SYR Jargon Code)
SY ' ' says Reference
SY 42 says Customer PO
SY 42 says Supplier PO

Question is, how and when does E1 go and get these values at run time? Also does this have something to do with the FULL build and the DDTEXT FDATEXT that is generated?

I've never seen this S difference before. I only thought it was confined to LNGP


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Pristine (PS) has its own Data Dictionary.

I was unaware of the Product Code Overrides in F9202. Interesting.
Go into VR01 in DD and then take the Form Exit for Description Override. You'll see them listed under Jargon code (SYR)

I've just no idea how it all works. It seems to 'work' in PS just not in DV PY UT PD

I am wondering if it has something to do with FULL build options and FDA text
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For future readers:

The Jargon code is an option in the menu. When you create menus, you will see it there. It's also the Product System Code in FDA, RDA etc