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P42101/T42101 Custom Processing Options and Mismatch Warnings


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I need to add some custom processing options to the P42101/T42101. Knowing that I'll get "Processing Option Size Mismatch" warnings if I don't modify existing functions that reference the template I want to make sure there aren't any issues in doing this other than the warnings in the logfile.

In reading thru previous posts concerning this, the consensus seems to be it's a warning and everything will be fine.

But in this post from 2008:


In the initial email, there is a reference to Zombies:

-- We're getting a "processing option size mismatch" error.
-- The logs specifically state P42101 and T42101.
-- Stuff does continue to run (as the warning says it will) but it's going ZOMBIE.

Have any of you seen any Zombie issues or other issues when you have added custom processing options resulting in the mismatch warnings?

For this client, I'm working in 9.2 on an AS/400.