P42101/P4210 does not retain changed information


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E1 9.0

In P42101, while entering Sales orders, when we go back in to edit the order, changes made to commissions previously are ignored and rep on the customer master is applied to all lines. Where in the P4210 application does this happen? I dont see anything in the processing options that drives this reset.


Were changes made to the header or the detail lines? Is your processing option set on P4210 version to Update Header to Detail? What fields do you have defined for Header to Detail in P40HDR?
We do not update from Header to Detail on the version for editing orders. But, even on standard entry, when we are updating from Header to Detail, commissions information is not copied. We modify commissions at item level.
Noticing that right after a field in order detail is changed, detail commissions are reset. Dont know which BSFN is called at this time to trigger this.