P42101 - Freight Code retrieve in P421002 Grid


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While entering a new Sales order using P42101 the detail Grid is the sub form P421002. I have to add a custom logic where, I have to check Freight code(F4201.FRTH) value at Grid level. But in P421002 we don't have the header value of Freight code. So at Set Focus on grid, I tried to retrieve using the session key and related keys and BSFN N4210610 - SO Header View Controller. But the value of Freight code is not retrieved. Also dont find the Freight code anywhere in P42101 application.

We are using the Full Header mode means P421001 is used to enter Header information. The Header P421007 is disabled (view only).

Any idea, pointers how to retrieve F4201 header values at the Grid ?

JDE uses B4210620 SO Line view controller to retrieve the GC values but the frieght code is not part of this BSFN. We are on E9.1.
Any pointers ? Help appreciated.

E 9.1
The freight handling code (FRTH) is a field in the F4211 Sales order Detail but is not available for input at the detail level in EnterpriseOne.

There was an enhancement request entered Bug 10850113 - FREIGHT HANDLING CODE IN F4211, but the functionality is not planned for any future release at this time.