P421002 SOE detail subform - blank grid row focus


JDE 9.2 TR

We recently upgraded from 9.0 to 9.2. Not only do we have many custom modifications to Sales Order Entry but there were also many bug fixes applied to the application. Previously (with our modifications), accessing an order in Manage existing Order then clicking on the order number would take you in. If there are 4 lines in the order, the cursor would focus on the first column in the blank line below. Not allowing the existing order to be changed. After upgrading to 9.2 and applying our modifications, the cursor focus's on the last line first column of the order. I am having difficulty advancing it to the blank row below. The pristine version of 9.2 does set focus on the blank line. I am not finding what is different and have tried to code to move focus to the blank line but have been unsuccessful.

Walking thru debug for Pristine, the last event I ended on was grid row > so lines >row is entered. For our custom mods, at the end of that event we call a custom press button row is entered. I may have missed an event after that. I have tried to do grid row counts and advance to the next line and insert a grid buffer row after.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am relatively new to Power forms/subforms.

Thank you,