P4210 Edlin Preprocessor


In B732 does the Edlin in P4210 work... before I spend hours and hours trying to, I thought I ask the rest of you. I need to update SDURRF.

Thanks in advance for any help and assistance.


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Hi Peter,
Unfortunately I haven't any access to a B732 system currently , so let me ask you for some information:

1.) On which Form(s) do you want to update URRF?
2.) Does the view(s) of your form contain URRF?
3.) Does the structure of EditLine contains URRF? (...and which is this EditLine? F4211 EditLine?
4.) Have you found out all EditLine call on your form (more Events can contain more calls) and passed your value everywhere?
5.) Any other information about your task/situation which makes your problem a bit clearer for us.

Please, answer making easier to help you. Thanks.


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