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Just wanted to get everyone's opinion on something. I was wondering if it's pretty common to change P4210 to exclude unused fields and form/row exits. We have actually done some extensive modifications to P4210 business functions etc which links with a custom module, but for some reason never considered the most basic aesthetic changes.

There are a lot of fields visible in P4210 that we don't use like Salesperson 1, Salesperson 2 etc. My question is, if we were to hide them from the grid, would they still be included in all queries? Or would we need to create an identical business view and also delete those unnceccesary fields from the view?

Also, I would like to remove the unneeded exits and reorganize them. Have a lot of companies used this approach or just left P4210 alone?
I would think a few simple changes would save a lot of time and unnecessary table fetches.

Any comments?


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Hi Justin,

1.) Grid Columns:
Just hide the unnecessary columns. Yes, they will still be included in all queries, so it won't improve DB access performance.
Changing (accept adding fields to the end) or replacing the Business View of the Form will destroy your Form completely. Do Not Do It!

2.) Exits:
Just hide the unnecessary exits, although they won't be relly hidden, only grayed out as well in pull down menus as on the toolbar as on the exit bar as under the Links pull down menu.

If you totally sure that an unecessary exit isn't called anywhere in the ERs of the Form then you can consider to delete it. I don't recommend this solution but it depends on your decision.

I don't envy you your job when you will have to install an ESU (more ESUs, brrrrr...) effecting the P4210. Will be a hard job to retrofit your extensive modifications. Have you considered the ESUs before you start with your extensive modifications? As far as I know, P4210 is one of the most often effected applications in ESUs.
Maybe you could consider again your solution.

These were some thoughts from a developer.

P.S.: Beware of ESUs!

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Thanks for the input! I agree with you on ESU's, those letters make me cringe. We thought about doing the latest (well actually it's been out for months) B7332 ESU, but with all the retrofitting required, we decided to just go to Xe. I hear Xe is a lot more stable anyway.

I see your point with changing business views, it'll wipe out all the event rules, won't it? I agree that it would be better to just hide the fields. Maybe it won't save that much time, but all those extra fields that are being fetched annoy me.

And as far as the exits, you're right, the best thing would be to just disable them. What I would like to do, though, is rearrange them so the most commonly used exits are up top on the exit bar. We don't put pictures of our items, related items, family pictures, etc in JDE, so why have the exits clutter their space!

Thanks again for the input, and I will get back to you in specifics on Monday as to how we disabled the grid addition with the user overrides. It has something to do with row security on the F98650 table to prevent adds for P4210, but I'll get into specifics on Monday.

Thanks again for the reply,


Justin Revoredo
Amersham Pharmacia Biotech
Piscataway, NJ
OW B7332 Coexistence SP11.1
AS/400 Oracle


Hi Justin...

I think isn't a good idea customize P4210... there are
tons of ESUs envolving these program... (i did it and
now i have a ot of job with it)...

Customize only if is really necesary...

Good tunning


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