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Good afternon

I have a question, at P4113 in the log I have this message:

"Exclusive application security is not in effect. No security table check was done as the user supplied the override"

What mean that?

Someone can help me please



Good afternoon!

My problem said with other words:

User 1 - Open P4113 to transfer a product with 10 sets (only that there is in that moment), until here the user doesn't save it, only the user captured it on screen and valid at detail level.
User 2 - User does the same in other screen.
Note: In this moment at the 2 users it said them that if there is product, although only there is 10 sets
User 1 - Saves the movement, and in stock after saving there is nothing.
User 2 - saves the movement and the system does not tell you that there is nothing, then it is when there is a negative stock quantity

Somebody can I help me please?

the user captured it on screen and valid at detail level


Active Member
Looks like a security issue for row because you are saying exclusive and inclusive security which is more commonly used with row secuirty to restrict what can be done or show . The other issue is processing option issue in P4113 where it should be set not to take on hand negative always . Negative on hand is never a good practice and impacts with certain cost methods like weighted average .