P40205 - Inventory Interface to track B line transactions


I'm curious if anyone has been able to successfully configure the Inventory Interface setting (within P40205) for B lines (currently set to Inv. Int. option B) so that these transactions are recorded within the Item Ledger BUT are NOT treated like a Stock Item.

The user requirement is the ability to assess B items to consider if they should be changed to a Stocked item.
Therefore we want to ensure these transactions are tracked, ensure only a non-stock GL account is charged and that it does not affect Qty on Hand.

I have tested the following Inventory Interface options for B Line Type, with the following unwanted results:
D -> did not capture transactions in Item Ledger
Y -> affected Qty on Hand
N -> did not capture transactions in Item Ledger

Thanks for any guidance or feedback from experience you've had with this and any possible combination of options which could accomplish this.