P4006 in Inquiry Mode


Legendary Poster

If you call P4006 (Order Address) from an application and pass a "1" as the Inquiry Mode parameter, you may be expecting the program to display the Order Address as read-only. This is the case, but only for the initial display. If you click on the radio button once in P4006 to switch to the Ship-To address, or back to the original address, you'll see that all the fields are enabled for input again. Also, the OK button is still enabled, so you really are no longer in read-only mode.

I called this into the JDE Support Line, but since the Inquiry Mode parameter is not used by any of their applications, they won't do any diagnosis on it, even though the problem exists within the P4006 (their code) itself.

Don Sauve
Wagstaff, Inc.
OW XE, SP15.1, HP-UX 11.0, Oracle 8.1.6