P31116 Scrap Transactions No Impact to On Hand Inventory


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Can someone explain why the P31116 does not hit the on hand balance by default when performing a scrap transaction? I could see it making sense that the shop floor would issue additional quantity and then scrap it from there and use that scrap transaction simply as a message to the cardex (basically showing why someone over issued). Anyone know why this wouldn't impact the quantity on hand though? We operate in a production space where everything is custom so an individual item may be X inches long and we only use .8 of that X. The remainder would be scrapped and should be removed from on hand.
As far as I know, the Component Scrap (P31116) application exists to transfer costs only. It does not affect the quantity on the WO or your on hand balance -- you need to manually adjust these as needed. It would be nice if there was tighter integration!
Thanks for the reply, Don! That was what I feared. I am newly entering the work order space after a long stint working with purchasing, so getting accustomed to all of these new objects is quite interesting.