E9.2 P30890 - Copy Cost to multiple Branches


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I understand there is an application P30890 where you set up to copy cost to multiple branches.

R30890 has a single destination branch. But it seems that If we set Branch values using P30890 then we can copy cost to multiple branches.

In KG everything i see is in world software ..

Has anyone used this application in E1? I cannot find this application in E1. we are on 9.2.4.

I am also attaching a screen from youtube.......

I entered a SR with Oracle .. they could not find this out too.

It seems to be the last task in G3023. If anyone finds this then please let me know.



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I got the answer from Oracle.

There is an ESU 19125 released in July 21. Please check this out.. It has all the new objects. It impact only these objects.


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