P1207 PM - Associated service type - does it works somewhere ?


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Hi list,
We have services that are linked to each other :
Service A is a control that need to be done each 30 days
Service B is a change that need to be done once a year (each 360 days).
We would like the system to superceed (replace) the service A by service B the 360th day.
In fact the service A (control) is done 11 times a year begining January and finishing November, while the service B (change) is done once in December. But we don't want the system to propose service A in december.

I'm trying for days to make it work but don't have much success.
Here are my tryings :
Service A has 30 as service days SRVD, last completed date 15th of september 2006, a WO model with no items.
Service B has 360 as service days, last completed date 15th of October, another WO Model with items.
Both services had blank or 1 in Multiple Work Order field.

Service A (control) is the master Service > exit row 'association', service B (change) is the child service
field Separate WO is set to 2, no other fields populated.
Run R13411, then RUN R12807 and see that ... it doesnt works as wanted (I tried several runs to validate the service A for the 1st month, but service B was either not programmed or service A still programmed.

Can someone help me, we run Oneworld XE ?



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You appear to have your services backwards in the associations. Try deleting the Association on the A Service, and add the Association to the B Service type. There are some limitations on how well associations work, but this should get you moving in the right direction.

Scott Hollowell
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1) An associated PM will never supercede another PM. You can combine the PM's onto a single work order, but both PM's will trigger when the associated PM is due.

2) Check your PM Rules and the threshold level on the Associations to make sure the PM's will trigger when you expect them to. Also, you didn't say what the % due was on PM A and PM B when you ran the R12807. From the dates you gave, PM A isn't due yet. If you haven't set up your PM Rules to trigger early, PM B isn't due yet either (assuming you meant it was last completed October 15, 2005).

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