P1201Z1 and Record Invalid


I'm consulting for an old client and trying to import the F1201Z1 table. Running R1201Z1I results in all records being in Error status. Going back to P1201Z1 and resetting the error code and then doing a Row Submit I get a "Record Invalid" returned. There are no records in either the F1201 nor the F1202 tables. Since the transactions are set to 02/Add I assume that some data is being duplicated somewhere but can't figure out where. To be clear, there are no fields marked in red to designate the value that is being duplicated. If it makes any difference, we couldn't get the batch import program to work so the F1201Z1 was loaded from Access via ODBC driver. This client basically has very little technical support so I'm on my own here. I believe they're on 9.0 and my experience with JDE is somewhat limited and I'm more of an iSeries programmer in a previous life. Also, which field or data controls whether or not the F1202 is loaded simultaneously? It seems like it might be FAEDDL but the help doc I have says that controls whether the F1217 is loaded. Thanks for any assistance. Bill
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If it helps any, I'm noticing something else. If I try and add a record manually in P1201Z1, the Transaction Number generates an error condition and the error is that the next number is not found. Doing some research, one tip was to add a 47 field value of EDI Doc - but that already exists. Another tip was to change the processing option of P1201Z1 to JDEFA and it will all be fine. I've also tried this via the web client and there's no change. I also notice that I've even though I told it to show Inbound transactions, the first data screen is always Outbound and I have to change View to Inbound.
Did you ensure that the required control/data fields are populated ? Thanks



Yes, everything was populated correctly - in fact, we've subsequently successfully loaded the data; we just couldn't use R1201Z1I to either add records or use the Row/Submit option. From what I can tell, it just refused to remember to run the JDEFA tran type, if we could get a record added by inputting one at the bottom of the data, it would be loaded with JDEEM.
It sounds to me that the Z file was not populated correctly and/or the batch program is corrupt. You need to make sure that you follow the "Batch Processing Master records" white paper to the T. Are you sure you did not load the F1201Z1 with "EM" type records? Also, there are some small changes based on the release. Make sure you are following the directs for your release. Make sure your cross reference flat file is correct (use P47002) and all UDCs are correct.
Thanks Alex. As far we can tell, the file was populated correctly and we input more than the minimum required. The data's in the F1201 and F1202 now so I guess we'll move on. Maybe it was a corrupted program after all.