P0901|W0901H Work With Accounts - grid is missing



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We started the upgrade from 8.12 to 9.1 and found a bug, Tools 9.1.4.
1. Originally, we modified the Account Description LDA column to not indent by the account's Level of Detail, by disabling the Event Rules in Grid Record is Fetched.
The grid disappeared.
2. We reversed our modification, to no effect.
3. We replaced the P0901 with the original from Pristine.
The grid is still gone.

Has anybody seen (or heard about) this?

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Adrian - is the grid gone from the FDA or at runtime?

If runtime delete any grid formats for that app/form.

If in FDA does the grid ID appear in the ... I can't remember the name ... tree list of objects?
If you can see Grid in designer then Full build mostly solves such issues instead of Update build. Did you try it on Local Fat client?. How does it behave locally?.

No Larry, the grid is not gone from FDA, this is a basic Find/Browse, no grid format is deleted at runtime - the grid IS in the tree.
Alright Chana, I'll try the full pak next week ... locally I have the same problem, the grid is not there.
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And this is the fix provided by Denver:
The grid on form W0901H has a column R007 Cat Code 7. The second heading of tis column had a backslash "\". We were instructed to override the column's text and get rid of the "\" character. And, ta daaaa ... the grid shows.

PS1 Looking into the data dictionary item R007 we noticed the character was present in the Column Title 2 F9202.CH2 field; we cleared it, for future, possible, uses.
PS2 The funny thing is that in Pristine R007 does NOT have this character; neither does it in our current E1 release 8.12.