P0411 and advanced payment terms


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Morning list,

Since a while the advanced payment terms within A/P (manual voucher entry) doesn't seem to work anymore. The due date always is set equal to the invoice date. When i however simulate the advanced payment term OR within A/R (sales update) everything seems to work fine.

Any idea what might be missing?

Boris G

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Is this behavior exhibited for every Vendor, or just some Vendors? Maybe some Vendors are setup with an incorrect Payment Terms. What if you override the Payment Term on the voucher entry screen? Does the Due Date then calculate OK? Can you test with a blank Payment Terms (Net 30days) and see if the Due Date is calculated properly?

You should also review the setups of your advanced payment terms, and the Due Date Rules.


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I can't think of any reason that advanced payment terms would work in Sales Update and in the simulator, but not in Standard Voucher Entry. Could you answer the following questions?<ul type="square"> [*]Did you use the same user ID for the simulator and for Standard Voucher Entry?
[*]Are you using the same payment term code in both applications? [*]Are you processing in the same fiscal year in both applications? [/list] If you post the setup of the payment term that is not working, I will gladly look at it to see if I can see anything that would cause a problem in AP but not in SO and AR.

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