E9.2 P01012 Advanced Query Error


Whenever I open P01012 I get the spinning wheel indicating that the page is trying to load but the wheel does not disappear. While this is happening I can open other programs and use them all as needed. When I close all programs and only P01012 remains that spinning wheel is gone and the form appears to be fully loaded, but when I try to use it I get the popup attached.

This is only happening to my userID, all roles, in JDE PY only - not PROD or any other environments. In P01012 the "Manage Queries" button exists but nothing happens when I click on it - but I am able to manage queries in other programs.

We are new to JDE UDOs and likely corrupted something when we tried to create an enhanced query in P01012 last week. We in IT have been working with UDOs for only a few weeks therefore our list of UDO objects and our UDO list of security rows is minimal. We have successfully created some UDOs over the last few weeks but we also deleted some UDOs and some UDO security rows as well.


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Go into P98220U, find your enhanced query for P01012 and delete it. Then log out and back in to see if that resolves your spinning issue.