P00PURGE in One World!


Dear all,

In world it was easy to purge different files using P00PURGE. In One World the equivalent of P00PURGE is to write a 'batch delete' table conversion application apparently. I have tried to write a simple application which will run using data selection over the F0101Z2, but it does not work - I just get ' the following One World job did not finish successfully' in the work centre...
Am I missing something obvious...?
Has anyone else written simple routines to purge files for which One World do not provide a purge facility..?


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Hi Mike,

Although P00PURGE doesn't exist most of the programs do. From the Object Librarian (or OMW if your on XE) have a search for UBE's with *Purge* in the description and you'll find loads. To purge the F0101Z2 try R0101Z1P.

I've only used the btach delete a couple of times, but always without problem. Have you checked the "Delete all selected records" check box? Also ensure your data selection is correct for the environment you pointing at (which isn't necessarily the one you've logged into).



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Are you Oracle or SQLServer?

We just use the standard Oracle SQL facility to Truncate a Table, so this is
done outside JDE.

However do a search on the List, I am sure there was a discussion a while
back on a Business Function to Empty Tables, and what you need to pass it to
get it to work.

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