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P0030A Bank Account Number-Customer (CBNK) size


hi all,

I've a problem in P0030A. CBNK (bank account number - customer) field size is 20.
So I can't enter a bank account number more than length 20, there is no IBAN info.
I don't also want to change CBNK size .

E1. 9.1
What do you recomend to solve that issue?
Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Chan Rana

Legendary Poster
You say there is no IBAN info so you can use that field which i think is greater then CBNK. Never heard of account# going bugger then 20. Are you sure that you haven't merged both routing and acoount #?.



Hi Chan,

We are using IBAN info for domestic banks account and some foreign banks. Some bank accounts have no IBAN info so we need CBNK. Also you're right I have never see that CBNK is bigger than 20 length before. But there is a China's bank that bank account info greater than 20 (actually:22). We're using that CBNK info many reports and forms. I think I will create a new additaional table to store that number and change all reports and forms. I wonder is there any other method for solution?


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We have come across a single instance of a bank account being greater than 20 characters. That is with one of our off-shore campuses. They do not use the transit number (TNST) (our main campus does), so we put the overflow characters in that field. The only things I had to do were:

1) Modify a custom validation for TNST to exclude the off-shore campus users
2) Modify the custom EFT file creation for the off-shore campus