OWXe // Purchase Contracts In Foreign Currency Not Closing Base Currency



Does anybody know how we can tackle this problem we are facing when
Purchasing through Subcontract-Based Orders in Foreign Currency?

As follows (example):

1) We enter a Contract of, say, US$100, at 9 MEX Pesos per Dollar
(--domestic currency Open Amount =$900 Pesos--).

2) Then an invoice is matched (two-ways) for the total contract amount, of
US$100, but an exchange rate of now 8 MEX Pesos per Dollar. The Contract
status SHOULD be closed, and the Domestic currency Open Amount SHOULD be 0
Pesos (-because the Contract was completely exhausted in USDollars-).
HOWEVER, the Contract status remains open, and its Domestic currency Open
Amount is calculated to be $100 Pesos (-the $900 original Pesos less the
$800 vouchered Pesos-)!

Evidently, the Contract is being tracked by the system in the company's
base currency (Pesos) instead of in the USDollars used to enter the

--> We need the Contract to be closed, with the Open Amounts being zero for
both the foreign and MEXPesos amounts, when the Contract amount is
exhausted in its original foreign currency.

We've tried testing, processing options, and the manual, but we have been
unable to find clues to this.

Could somebody please help us out? We would really appreciate it!!!

Thanks, greetings, best regards, and may God keep blessing us!!!

Neoris Mexico
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Telephone: (52) 8380-8000 Ext. 5067
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