OWXe Foreign Tables Handling


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Hi List,

I would like to get some recommendation from the list on this issue; how do other shops handle foreign tables? Here are the questions:

Do you create a data path for the foreign tables for different environments? e.g. FOREIGNTEST for test/development, FOREIGNCRP for prototype and FOREIGNPROD for production?

Do you create just one data path for the foreign tables for all environments so there is only one data source pointing to all the foreign tables?

Do you create custom OWXe tables to eliminate all foreign tables so that the applications just refer to these custom tables?

Or, there is some other ways to handle this issue?

Thanks so much for your help in advance!

B7333 SP13, Citrix, Windows NT
AS/400 V4R5

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Hello Ontario, Canada
1 - My shop has only ONE Input Environment for the Foreign Tables; the process of testing/promoting becomes somewhat easier/simpler/faster ...
2 - The need to use Custom OW tables relies 100% on your business process/options/choice/solution; we use Foreign tables in order to get Fox->Access data transferred (converted) to Oracle OW, via Z tables & Batch Process.
Welcome aboard,
Adrian, Ontario, Canada 2
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