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It appears that with the installation of SP15.1, the OWDEVELOPER "back
door" no longer allows development on TSE. Has anyone else seen this? Is
there a way to allow TSE development? I can live without UTB but I don't
have enough fat clients to cover all the version development going on.
Document ott-01-0028 explains what development is allowed on TSE and it's
only RDA with limitations--many limitations.

John Gaughan
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Interesting - especially since JDE has now published that for Windows2000 it is now a REQUIREMENT to have the OWDEVELOPER group on the server for performance issues - (look at the knowledge garden under breaking news)

I'd like to put a comment here - but I think I'll pass.....

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John - We experienced this when we went to SP15.1. JDEdwards did close the door on the use of the NT group OWDEVELOPER. There is a way to still allow the functionality, that being to add the following line in the [DEBUG] section of the jde.ini file on the TSE:

Hope this helps.

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John, We have a AS/400 720 2062 1-processor 1-1/2 Gig, 100Mps Ethernet, and the response time for our test system with 5 users is very slow. I would have to upgrade to a 830 dual processor for production. Our PC's are 500-700Mhz and are adequate. We have XE cp 15.1 John

Just wondering.... What is your performance like with the AS400? What is the sizing of your AS400? How many users? Thanks.

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