OW XE Package Build Error - GBRSPEC


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After building several XE full client packages without problems, we now are
getting an error on GBRSPEC.

Package completed with errors. Build history shows ERROR on GBRSPEC. Spec
count does not match RDB count.
BuildError.txt shows:
1/16/01 17:05:03 0 Spec file GBRSPEC begun.
1/16/01 17:05:53 1 RDB record count in GBRSPEC : 2251306
1/16/01 17:43:12 0 Number of TAM records fetched: 2251308.
1/16/01 17:43:13 0 Number of TAMAdds Attempted: 2251308.
1/16/01 17:43:13 0 Number of TAMAdds succeeded: 2251308 failed: 0.
1/16/01 17:43:13 0 Number of records TAM says it has: 2251308.
1/16/01 17:43:13 0 Creating Indexes for table GBRSPEC.
1/16/01 19:25:53 0 Finished creating Indexes for table GBRSPEC.
1/16/01 19:25:53 0 Spec file GBRSPEC finished.
1/17/01 00:50:24 0 Build Finished with errors 'DVCL008B', 1/17/2001 0:50.

Has anyone had a similar problem, or have any ideas what else we can check?

Jeffrey Nack
The Vollrath Company
OW XE SP 13.1, AS/400 V4R5, CO NT SQL 7.0


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Any solutions to this issue?. We are also facing a similar issue and was wondering if any one had come across a similar situation.


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Looks like you were building this around 5:00 PM on 1/16. Could it be that someone checked in a version or an updated object between 17:05 and 17:43 that resulted in 2 additional records being added to F98741. This would account for the difference in the record count and the TAM add? You might try and rebuild GBRSPEC in a more "off-hour" time frame and see what you get.

Buster DAN

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That's interesting so are we.... although only on one of our Application Server - Server package build.... the other servers seem fine....

Logs report a network issue but the builds (I tried the build twice) halted at exactly the same point even though they were run at different times of the day.