OW: Version Checkin Database Error


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When we attempt to check in more than 2 versions consecutively, we get a
Central Objects database window. If I log in as JDE and it's password, the
object will proceed with the check in. But every other check after that
point, requires the user name and password to be entered. I have over 600
versions to get checked in and I don't want to have to give the users the
JDE password.

Any ideas? Has anyone else ever encountered this problem? JDE doesn't have
any ideas but I'm opening up a new call ticket just to try again!

Thanks in advance for any help!

Toni Nanneman
Holiday Retirement Corp

B7322 sp12.2; NT dep; 400 ent; coexist A73 cum 8
RE: Version Checkin Database Error

Toni :

a) Is security server running?
b) Are your "Central Objects - xxxB732" ODBC entries created?
c) Do your users access OneWorld through one and only SQL login (JDE)?
or does every user access SQL Server Central Objects thru its own login?
In the last case, some SQL logins may be missing...

RE: Version Checkin Database Error

Toni :

Check that every JDE login may access that SQL Central Objects databases.
On B732, these logins should be permitted to access JDE Database.
On B733 and Xe, they should be permitted to access JDE_CRPB733,
JDE_DEVB733, JDE_PRISTB733 and JDE_PRODB733 databases.
How to permit SQL logins to access a specifical database?
Go to SQL Enterprise Manager, Security , Logins, double click one of
your users' login, click on Database Access tab, and verify that
JDE SQL databases are checked on (Permit column) for that user.
On most installations, JDE is a login that groups all OneWorld user
onto a single SQL login.
In your installation, you have a "1 OneWorld user= 1 SQL login"
relationship; so you'll have to check all these SQL logins.

Sebastian Sajaroff