*OW UBE not running on server*


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OW B7322 sp12.2; 400 ent srvr; NT depl srvr; SQL 6.5; coexist A73 cum8

OK, I've already kind of mentioned that I'm having a problem with a UBE that
was transferred with a version from CRP to PROD. The UBE's run fine locally
in PROD but won't run on the server. The UBE runs in all locations in CRP.

I've been hashing out this issue with JDE for over a week and they're latest
suggestion is to update the data dictionary TAM files on the Enterprise
server using the HowTo instructions from document oti-99-0023. Basically,
I'm supposed to run R92TAM (xjde0001) locally and then run tamftp and move
the dddict and ddtest spec files to the PRODB732/specfile directory on the

Finally, my question...

Has anyone ever done this before? Are there any major issues to be
concerned about? It seems fairly innocuous but I'm still a little bit
worried about wiping out the spec files on our 400. Any suggestions and/or
shared experiences would be GREATLY appreciated.

Toni Nanneman
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I do this all the time (Once we get to XE there are real server packages,
this is part of a SIMULATED server package). We refresh our CRP/DEV
environments once a month using this method and we do the same with PROD
about every 2 months.

Run the R92TAM it deposits the .xdb and .ddb files in your root B7
directory. DO NOT get them from your \B7\Pathcode\spec directory. This will
cause major havoc when you bring your enterprise server back up.

Run TAMFTP and send over the 4 files to a temp directory.

Bring down OW on your server

move your current DDDICT, DDTEXT files on your server to DDDICT.old and
DDTEXT.old for safe keeping. then move your new ones into the correct spec
directory for the pathcode you are refreshing.

Bring OW back up.

You're done.

We have had the same issue as you and it required a full server refresh. By
refreshing the server with a full client package you make sure all the code
is there. This normally requires about 6 hours to TAMFTP all the files
(GBRSPEC being the longest). So if the DD pieces don't fix you do the full
server refresh and you should be good to go. If you need more info let me
know. Good Luck.

Mark Siebenschuh
HP9000/Oracle 8.0.5/JDEB733 Base (XE on the way)