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I need to start using the OW job scheduler. Whilst, it looks fairly easy to use does anyone have/or could you point me in the direction of any useful documentation for this?



Dev. Env. - NT 4, SQL 7.0, B7332 SP15, Citrix Metaframe 1.8 (Windows 2000 TSE)

Live Env. - AS400 v4r5, B7332 SP15, Citrix Metaframe 1.8 (Windows 2000 TSE)


To start the scheduler, go to P91300. From the EXIT bar select FORM and then
select SCHEDULER SERVER. Enter the Enterprise server name and the port #
6008 for NT. Select your sleep time options and select START SCHEDULER.

Crawford Winter

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Other things to look out for:

Create a scheduler time zone version.
Use a submission ID with full authority. I created the ID NIGHTSHIFT.
Do not use same version of reports as the user. Create a copy with your
version names and schedule those versions only.

Crawford Winter

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Your best bet is to get a document from the KG which contains detailed
information as to how to setup the OW Job Scheduler. You will need to
ensure that the JDE Kernel 10 settings are correct on the ES JDE.INI. I
believe that you have to auto start the process and increase the threshold.

However, the document which I know exists because I read it a week ago,
gives you the details.


7332 NT SP 11.2 SQL 7.0

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Thanks to all for replying!

I've found the documentation on KG which is very useful.

Thanks again.

Kind Rgds.,

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While scheduler works for simple jobs. If you want job streams with logic, use the AS400 native scheduler or Robot with RPG code calling the RUNUBE command.

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Sanjeev Harrish,
Try documents Ott-99-0189 (Steps to get Scheduler to Work),
Ott-99-0223 (Removing/Deleting a Job Set Up Through Scheduler),
OTI990034 (Table and Mappings needed to run Scheduler). This should get
you to your "finish line".

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